"What kind of peace do I mean and what kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, and the kind that enables men and nations to grow, and to hope, and build a better life for their children—not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women, not merely peace in our time but peace in all time."

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The 2016 Election

I continue to receive messages from Jack. Here's one from several weeks ago:

"Mrs. Clinton will most likely win the 2016 Election. This is not something that makes us happy. She is a member of the New World Order."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The 2012 Election

Jack commented tonight on the presidential race:

"Bobby is here and wishes to say hello and a few things. First of all, Mr. Obama will win the election, if only by a squeaker. He will win by 1 or 2 points only. It may go late into the night. Look for voting irregularities in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Bobby says watch for them. God Bless."

"The debate will go well this time for Mr. Obama. He will call out Mr. Romney on every lie he can tell the American people." 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Questions and Comments from Readers

Here are some answers to questions readers posed to me and Jack. Also, there are some comments from readers.

1) Two items: Why is our planet in the "S" series? Will you explain the "S" more and others in it? So Emmanuelle arrives in 150 years after a shift starting in 2018? Just how physically dangerous will this shift be to people?

Earth is not in the S Series. This is a Pleiadian series of planets, or a series of planets outside of the Pleiadian star cluster. The Shift will include major seismic and weather events, starting in about 2018 and lasting well into the 2020’s. The world will survive these events, but look much different geographically. The planet will be about 83% water and the population will be much lower.

2) What are some of the mistakes made by the Creator?

Allowing too many souls to reincarnate to earth now. Allowing too many new souls, or inexperienced souls to reincarnate to earth, souls who haven’t been here very often, or not at all, un-enlightened souls.

3) You use the words "God Bless." Who is God, if there have been 20 creators? Is it just a title?

God, the creator, Yahweh, is a universal energy force, an asexual energy force.

4) So earth is Yahweh's creation? What is name of Yahweh's creator?

The earth was created by the Godforce, like everything in the universe. Life of all forms, in all universes is created by a form of natural chain reactions that are infinite in nature.

5) And, a comment from a British reader concerning the Vatican’s cover-up of UFO’s…

“I have been a member of Britain's secret service for years and I can confirm all of this to be true. What the powers that be don't want you to know is that Islam was founded by a rival alien civilisation to that of the catholic church. Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are their agents on Earth. They want to prevent the Universal peace and must be stopped at all costs. This will result in the war as predicted in the book of revelations. The time will soon be upon us all to take up arms for peace and eternal life. Watch this space.”

6) A comment concerning The Return of the Virgin Mary…

“That sounds like something that she would say. Don't ever think you are alone. Pray for the Virgin Mary. JFK may be a good friend of hers.”

Well, hopefully, she will appreciate Jack’s sense of humor. J

7) A comment concerning racism…

“By looking at a man by the color of his skin and his religious beliefs rather than by looking in his eyes and seeing his heart is a blind eye. What I say is I can learn something from every man. Love is in every person. Kurt - Kopi (Kurt of Pure Intent)”

Finally, a comment concerning the use of color therapy in the future…

8) “Back in the 90's Tricia Szczerba made a study of colors. Cool tone persons have a blue undertone to their skin. Warm tone persons have an orange red undertone. By wearing the correct colored clothes people would look better and feel better. Massage using color visualization helped dissolve blockages.”

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The 2012 Election

"Mr. Obama will win, but it may be closer than people think because the economy will not pick up and really get moving again until the end of the second Obama term in 2016."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Atlantis Desalination Technology Off of Malta

We speak of a cheaper and faster way to desalinate water that was used and is off the coast of Malta, really part of the Second Atlantis Empire. This technology is buried deep under a sandbar. One could almost walk out on it. Look east from the highest point on Malta and look five miles exactly and this is the sandbar. The technology can be found underneath it. Remember, five miles east from the highest point on Malta. This is the location of desalination technology that was used in Atlantis. This techonology would help the future growth of mankind to provide fresh water cheaply and quickly. God Bless.

Friday, January 21, 2011


We wish to add that we would like all Americans to think for a moment what kind of nation you want to live in. What kind of country do you want for the future? Things are spinning in the wrong way for Americans. And, as the leader of the planet they are forcing the common good of other nations, their goodness to be overcome by the immense negativity emanating from the United States.

There is too much stress and negative thoughts and the manipulation of the people by the media and the corporations and robber barons and those in the military complex who want perpetual war. What if Americans awoke one day and were told, "You do not have to be at war."

AMERICANS, YOU DON'T NEEED TO BE AT WAR. There is no reason for these wars and cease making war and move forward. Things will turn positive for the nation. Put aside your fears and stop the wars. Then, and only then, will the nation be ready to advance.

Peace is the only way America; not war and strife and conflict. Americans have so much external and internal strife under their belts, they don't even know what normality is anymore.

Peace and God Bless...

Red Lights Over Washington, D.C.

As said, the colored lights, the red lights are coming. They will be over the White House and all of Washington, D.C. This will happen the second week of February. Look for four or five red lights hovering and floating around. There will be reports of this. They will be dismissed as military aircraft, but this is simply not going to be true. These will be Pleiadian or Mitholonian ships saying hello and we are coming in peace for all mankind. Stop the lies world governments! This will accelerate; the lights and reports, etc. This Revelation is going to happen in 2018 we believe. This is the Revelation of life everywhere in the universes. What a laugh for mankind to think they are alone. But, this has all be part of the cover up and mankind has bought the lies - hook, line and sinker.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Mound in the American Southwest and Ancient Crystals

Jack speaks again of the mound located on a ranch in the Southwest.

We know that there is an ancient town underneath the property where the mound is located. There were at one time, 5000 inhabitants in this town. Underneath the property, one would find the remains of crystal generators that powered whole cities, whole continents, nations and civilizations. With the power of crystals, this would enable mankind to power cities with a smaller output of electricity than mankind uses. This is a different type of electricity and is truly peaceful. It’s a form of clean fusion.
It is all about clean fusion and clean energy and that will be the way for the world in the future. Man will understand and learn the power of crystals to also power spacecraft, enabling him to travel to the outermost regions of the universe.

Ancient Computers under Water

Jack speaks again of the ancient computer located near Pescara, Italy

This computer speed is greater than anything people can now imagine, perhaps a million times more powerful for processing information.
Man will need to have the best equipment and technology available when the Shift occurs. Man should begin to look for this computer.
We will give you many more locations to help the world with locations of this technology and communications and maps. We hope to help the world and assist man in the advancement of the planet. God Bless.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ancient Computer Technology

Computer technology will be found in some areas of Italy now. This technology is from a past civilization from one of the Mitholonian groups; in the Abruzzo area, near Pescara actually; about 2000 feet down underneath sediment. There’s an area that drops off sharply. There is some computer technology from the Mitholonian planet, Sempris. This is the easiest way to say the name of the planet. This computer technology is light years ahead of what mankind now has. This new technology would allow man to see and mentally enter the scene and interact with the scene without harming oneself. This would allow one to be sort of an interactive voyeur.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Return of Martin Luther King

Here's a prediction from Jack in 2008, concerning the reincarnation of Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King will be coming back shortly, Bobby says, and he will be on your plane within seven months. He will be coming back to the United States to be a leader, who during the Shift and after will help give people faith. He will survive the Shift and become something of a leader in local politics and maybe a national senator. He will again inspire people and he will not be a black man. He will be a white man and from a poorer background. He will be from a coastal city on the Atlantic, which will be devastated during the Shift, near the present day Maryland/Virginia border. This will be a very important mission for him and he is a fine soul. Pray for his success in this new life.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Colored Lights across the World

More and more colored lights will be seen over the Vatican and London and Washington, DC. Soon there will be a sighting of colored lights over the White House. Watch for the lies to cover this up. This is all about power and control, sorry to say.

What is Killing the Birds and Fish?

In answer to your question about the birds and fish; this is a sickness caused by environmental poisoning from radiation in the air. They should check this out for radiation leaks in the atmosphere. There are several reasons for this radiation poisoning there.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

In the Year...3011

In 3011, the human race will be somewhat taller. There will be mixed races, but there will still be all white men and all black men, but they will be the minority. A mixture of all will eventually happen, as this is the best course for the creator’s plan. There will be computers of such speed and power as to amaze you my friend. Cloning will not happen, as man will always think the cloning of humans to be barbarian. There will be no world religions. There will be the Oneness; the oneness with the creator and a love, a true love for nature as none on your planet could begin to understand now. War will have long been obsolete and there will be very little crime as mankind will be on the verge of truly ascending into the god forces’ idea of a living to attainment. The world will look a little like what you now have, but in many ways much different.
We can say that 10,000 years from now the earth will be there and will be a wonderful beacon of beauty for your universe. God Bless.

After the Shift

After the Shift, the world will be about 83% water. The world will be blue and green and all forests that are being destroyed by man will have grown back. Fossil fuels will be long gone and there will be all sorts of ways to travel by cars powered by crystal batteries and then by thought travel. This will be the beginning when man can move with thought. The Emmanuelle will begin to tell man about these things. She will be a healer and a uniter and a true spokeswoman for the future in all aspects. Look for a ship coming to land near a crossroads.
Okay, with thought travel, man will be able to move as a physical being through energy fields and patterns. Man will be able to separate energy fields in a way and learn to move through them. Of course there will be crystal- powered hydro craft and crystals will be the earthbound means of travel replacing hydrogen. Man will have the means to move out of his solar system and into other galaxies with the use of controlled clean nuclear fusion. We have spoken of this many times. This will be only the beginning and to be understood when Einstein’s theory is flipped upside down and squared twice, four, six and eight times. Fibonacci numbers will be used in this too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jesus' Predecessor on Lemuria

An enlightened being was sent to Lemuria to assist them in becoming a highly advanced civilization. If Lemuria had not been destroyed, the arrival of Jesus would not have happened. But, the earth was stained by Atlantis and Jesus’s birth was necessary. God Bless.
This wonderfully enlightened being that was sent to Lemuria, walked the earth 175,000 years ago. Look for stones of him in areas of the South Pacific. The being was Polynesian in nature and looks. He helped bring the society together with the Oneness.
The Oneness is not only of the future, as it was part of the past.
In the Andes, these people will also know the story of this enlightened being from Lemuria. Look to Easter Island as well.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cancer Cures Inside the Pyramids

We move to rocket fuel. It will no longer be in use within five to ten years. New technology will take its place. We will give you locations where man can find technology, medicinal healing applications and so forth. This technology is from Atlantis, Lemuria and the Mitholonians.
I am being instructed to tell you, as I’m really just a clerk here (LOL), that one should look at one of the smaller pyramids south of Cairo. Inside a chamber are some documents for the development of vaccines to ward off cancers. There was no cancer on Atlantis or Lemuria old friend. That’s because they knew the secret to healing with plants and their medicinal uses and the use of other technology. This pyramid is located close to Giza, but smaller.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mexican Ruins from Lemuria

We will give you many locations and technology to be used. We speak now of a a locations outside of Mexico City, a fairly large lake that rises and falls with the seasons. At the bottom of the lake in the exact center at the bottom and buried 12 to 15 feet are important documents from a civilization. These settlers that landed there were ancestors of the first settlers on Lemuria who scattered and went further east. These documents will show man how to make devices that would help him survive different changes in gravity in space and atmospheres and oxygen changes. This is a converter technology man will use when he leaves his solar system and universe one day.

The Pyramids - Technology, Trapped Thoughts, Crystals and The Shift

There will be some discoveries in Egypt, which will add light to what we have said about the so-called aliens involved in the construction of the pyramids. There will be a find per se, a carpenter’s credentials. Look for tools that are more sophisticated than what man has now. There will be a calculator in there as well. It’s capable of doing higher math than man knows now. It is run by a crystal battery and man will figure out a way to get this thing running. This will be a big story in the news and look for this.There have been chambers and steps and tunnels not explored yet. They have a special energy in them that would let man see visions of the past and future and give man more technology.
All is energy and thoughts are energy. Thoughts can be trapped in dimensions as well as human kinetic energy. When building the pyramids, the so-called aliens left thoughts in the pyramids for man to reflect upon in another time. Man will, upon entering these areas absorb these thoughts that are from higher spiritual beings. The thoughts will enter the minds of humans on your plane.
Let us continue, for it is important. When you have thoughts it is energy and can continue to float, to travel to places in your plane. Your thoughts are limited mainly to your plane. They can and often determine man’s future in a current incarnation. So, those who emphasize positive thougths are speaking the truth. Use thoughts to help one another and being on the true path for your soul. Do not use thought energy for obtaining a car, a house or clothes. These are not things that the soul can transport to any plane, but the one you are in now.
The more one thinks of positive thoughts in particular, the more positive things will happen. Negative thoughts are often stopped by spiritual light beings, who obviously do not want this bad energy to destroy or hurt anyone.
Only in a karmic situation are these negative thoughts allowed to pass through and affect a situation’s evolution.
So, in the pyramids, we will say tonight that there are thoughts in the 23rd and 33rd chambers, steps and levels. The thoughts are in the Giza pyramid and others, look to them and they will give man energy ideas for the future and the saving of the planet.
The creator believed that mankind would be once again on the way to destroying the planet. He allowed the so-called aliens to plant thoughts in the pyramids. These will be discovered and it will help man save the planet and prepare for the Shift.
The Shift is happening and we pray it is not as bad as it looks.
The pyramids will not be destroyed in the Shift, as the knowledge from that civilization will be needed in the future. Much of the knowledge left over from past civilizations is going to be recovered. We will try to help mankind find these places. I hope you understand the importance of this.Yes, and knowledge of this technology will enable crystals to have a viewing capability. Man will be able to leap ahead 100 years or so.

Africa, the Super Continent

Africa, the super continent is going back to its origins of being the most advanced place on earth, even greater than Lemuria. This civilization there was from a higher sphere than Mitholonia or the Pleiadians. It was called Ronaley.
There are many souls being born who will come to maturity during and after the Shift. They are ready to help Africa become the new super continent. As said, Ronaley Africa stood as a great civilization. It was equal to Atlantis in technology, but with the intellectual and spiritual advancement of Lemuria. Much of Ronaley’s technology was destroyed by Atlantis and there is still wreckage. At one time, the continent of Africa was split in two. One should look towards the old Congo. This evidence can be found there.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wreckage from an Atlantis Battle

We will say now that underneath the Gulf of Mexico is the location of the wreckage of a great battle from the Atlantis Empire. This battle was against a foreign hostile force of an advanced African civilization. This civilization’s origins are from another sphere, which we have not mentioned yet.
One should look for evidence of this battle near Texas and the Florida panhandle. They would find many hydrofoils, laser devices and flying instruments. This could help mankind and could be harnessed for CIVILIAN use.
Look to 476 miles south of Beaumont, Texas. In water over 600 feet deep there can be found remnants. Also, look to Panama City, Florida and 135 miles south of there in roughly depths of 800-1000 feet of water there are remnants of this great battle that brought about the decline of Atlantis. This African civilization was very advanced and saw Atlantis as a threat, which they were. Atlantis at the time was much like the United States. It made war and this brought about its end.
Atlantis was finally destroyed when two civilizations ganged up on it to finally do it in. Unfortunately, though, the world went into a decline afterwards.
The survivors of Atlantis propogated on earth, but Atlantis did much damage as other civilizations were devastated and the earth had to begin again.

An Atlantis Revival?

There is a new series of planets evolving who want to emulate Atlantis, but this is not possible, as the creator wants no revival of a race of people who are universally rejected as fools who blew themselves up and gave the world the legacy of war and conflict that continues to this day.


Lemuria was simply the most spiritually enlightened place mankind has ever seen on your planet. Man must strive to live in Lemurian ways. These were peaceful people who came from a sector of the universe, which seeks peace. Seek peace and the positive energy will surround you. Those who seek war bring negative energy around them. More negativity brings more war and fear and hatred.
Many of those who are drawn to yoga are formerly from Lemuria. We spent a few lives there and were taught the ways of peace. But, unfortunately, the warlike blood of Atlantis ran through your veins. This has finally faded. God Bless. This will never return and the creator would like you to continue studying nature. This is good for your soul’s development.
Lemuria represents the time period of man’s greatest advancement on earth. This was 500-560,000 years ago when it began and to its height about 200,000 years ago. Lemuria fell about about 125,000 years ago, long before Atlantis collapsed. Lemuria was destroyed by an outside alien power that was jealous of the civilization’s rise. This outside power believed Lemuria would become warlike and a threat, but they had no intention though.
It is hard for mankind to see this now, but the pursuit of peace is the world’s only future. Only through the seeking of peace will mankind evolve. This constant thirst for war is only sending the United States backwards and propelling the planet’s and the universe’s timeline backwards.


The Mitholonians were sometimes allied with Atlantis, but they did not always get along. The Atlantians, we really can say, were the earthbound forms of the Mitholonians. The Atlantians were so warlike that the peaceful, science oriented Mitholonians thought they were crazy.

Jack speaks for the first time about a mound located in the American Southwest.

Gandar reminds us to say that on Mr. White’s mound, there are some hollow, coin-like devices that are like rings and can be used to help balance a person’s energy. This is not to be feared. These devices are made from metals not known to man on earth, but can be copied in a modern laboratory. The closest metal on earth to replicate these devices is copper.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Amazon, a Man-Made River?

This seems far-fetched now but there was flooding that created the Amazon. This was caused by artificial means. Man doesn’t know this, but the Amazon was created by explosions and other devices, and so forth. The flood passed over civilizations and there are artifacts there. There is technology that can help man there. There should be funding for an expedition to assist in finding some of the more advanced technology from a civilization that was allied with Atlantis, but not Atlantis.
There were many small civilizations, not just Lemuria and Atlantis. Do not think in these terms. Think of many small pockets of different peoples from the five major alien groups, and in fact from some other realms and spheres that attempted to propogate on the earth. God Bless.

Brothers and Sisters

Gandar is holding a tablet, which is a holographic playbook for the project. It has moving pictures, graphics and sound. The closest thing you would have on your plane is a Blackberry. Who do you think gave you the technology; none other than ET’s and light beings as usual, the true messengers of technology.
There will come a time when everyone in the world is more concerned about the state of their brothers and sisters than about national boundaries and wars and foreign armies. We say that there will come a time when that will virtually disappear and people will say, “I am from earth.” That is all that will really matter.”
This is very far in the future and there will still be countries per se, but people will feel much more united than they are now.
So, this idea of denying people medical coverage is disgusting. Those on our plane, enlightened beings are working now to changes this in America.


Let us move to the Bahamas and the location of more hidden technology. We will tell you the outline for the empire of Atlantis. Atlantis was actually two continents. One area stretched from Bermuda to Florida to the Bahamas and north back to Bermuda. This area was the capital of Atlantis. At this time, Atlantis was narrow and could be traveled in eight hours or so by very fast hydrofoils powered by crystals. Atlantis also stretched from the Azores to Portugal north to the French coastline and south to North Africa and to Cyprus, all part of the Atlantean empire.
In the Bahamas area, one must look to the center of technology underwater. This would be north from Aruba, bisecting a line in the smaller islands of the Bahamas. This is located underneath reefs. This technology center is a communication center, such as one finds at a TV station. Look to the smallest island of the Bahamas chain and 400 miles north of Aruba bisecting through the area and you will find in water there, the remains of the great communications headquarters of Atlantis.
Atlantis’ population numbered at one time about 30,000,000, but not the complete population for the world then.
Sonar would find this and it will be there. There are such things there as cameras and microphones, much of what you have, but also higher technology that enabled one to watch a scene and project themselves into that scene.


Enlightened beings have arrived on the earth to help in many times. Moses was not an enlightened being, but was given power to do things. Much of the bible story about him is true. He did well. We should say the creator divided the Red Sea through seismic force, but Moses was an instrument. The story of Passover is true. God Bless.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jesus from the Alexian Galaxy

Let us for a moment discuss how Jesus did perform these miracles. It is okay to say this, Gandar says. He is the head guy and I have to do what I’m told. LOL. But, he is a good boss. LOL. Jesus, the E.T. is from another planet in the Alexian Galaxy; many, many light years away. Do not measure the distance. It is so advanced that Jesus, an enlightened being from the realm there interacts with our plane regularly and higher planes we mentioned.

Now on to Jesus and Syrmonus again; this is the third planet farthest out in the Alexian Galaxy. There language is not that different than Sanskrit. Jesus, like many so called aliens is an enlightened being, and is able to summon and do things based on energy transferral and thought.
Gandar says hello and says this is a good topic. Jesus was from the Alexian Galaxy. At one time, the Alexians were settled in the area of the Middle East and parts of North Africa and into Southern Europe. This was in 90,000 B.C. This would have been before Atlantis. These people were friendly and traded. They sailed the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. They also left some aspects of their civilization along the Pacific coast and near present day Madagascar. An island chain will rise near Madagascar that will show the remnants of an Alexian civilization.
Jesus’ miracles were real and were quite easy for him to do. The technology these people had on earth is still not understood. They were able to move molecules and atoms around in something mankind cannot fathom. Mankind will only be able to understand it when math is learned. But, the people of earth will say, “We know mathematical principles.” Bobby wishes to say that the people of earth know only about 40% of the math the so-called aliens can solve. There are symbols, equations and formulas not even fathomed by man on earth. So, put away the video games tonight and learn math, as it will help mankind.
When the so-called aliens reveal themselves, they will bring evidence to show that Jesus Christ was born in the Alexian Galaxy and sent to earth to help all. God Bless. They will bring recordings of Jesus on his planet and sphere. The recordings with Jesus will say, “You are all one. God is love and the so-called aliens from this sphere and others are here to help and assist you. They mean you no harm. Do not confront them. Welcome them.”
The aliens are not dumb Barry. They know that if Jesus sends a message than the people will say, we do believe. Jesus will not return to earth. This is not the intent of the message from him. It will be shown to the world on various broadcasting systems. Jesus will appear speaking many tongues, so all will know what is happening.
This is not Revelations as the Bible thumpers say. But, Barry, there will be later messages telling the world to prepare for the Shift. Other enlightened beings such as Buddha will give messages to the world, saying help the so called aliens. They are here to help you. God Bless.

The Continuous Journey

When rising into our plane, the soul immediately feels the change in the vibrational level and feels free and alive and young. It is a wondrous feeling for many. Please remember this is a continunous journey. Many on your plane do not understand or believe this. They believe that all is finished or that one is in permanent retirement here. There is simply no stopping for a soul who wants to progress. This process continues over and over again. God Bless.

The Creator

The Emmanuelle is not at this moment a creator. She may very well be some day, thousands and thousands of years from now. The creator is Yahweh and that is how we wish to refer to the creator.
The creator is a soul and an enlightened being from another galaxy outside of earth’s rotation, in an area near the Alexian Galaxy. The creator has been the creator for about a time frame of a million years. The time frame is not important a loving creator lives to help all of mankind.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Final Pope

The Emmanuelle’s arrival will be signal the fall of the Catholic Church. It did wonderful things for mankind, but mankind has outgrown it. The last pope is coming in three to five years. He will reign for 34 years and be from Africa, a cardinal from there with a French name and French speaking. He will be the man who will bring the Vatican and the Church through the Shift. God Bless.

The New Religion is No Religion

She will heal many people as the unbelievers will see. The unbelievers will see the Emmanuelle walk into a hospital and into a children’s ward. She will look at them and say, “Get up, walk away, you are now healthy.” This will be reported across the globe.
People will say this woman, this being, is not from earth. The Emmanuelle will say, “No, of course not. I have come to help all of mankind and to tell all of humanity about the Oneness. This is the new religion, so to speak. BUT, THE NEW RELIGION IS NO RELIGION.
There will be people who will not like what we are saying. The Piscean leftovers do not grasp what is happening. Their energy is not high enough to understand this project.
The Emmanuelle will do the following and we say this: she will show the world some cures for any remaining uncured cancers. She will show the world cures for other illnesses not already cured.
We say tonight that the Emmanuelle is the final chapter of the Shift. After she leaves mankind will have a clean start, fresh and new. Mankind must never destroy each other or the planet again. After she leaves all war will be an aberration on the planet forever. There will be no wars. The Middle East will thrown down its arms and seek peace. The Emmanuelle will say peace is the only way, a new endeavor for the planet.

More on the Creator

Jesus has not been the creator, but Jesus may very well take the reign in the future, thousands of years from now.
This is not so controversial. These creators are all very enlightened beings, so high, very high loving all things and nature and the universe. It is not shocking for us because things are not what they seem to earth people.

Jack's Plane

We say tonight that the plane here is not what people think. In many ways, it is an energy continuation of your plane, but much more advanced. There are no harps floating and people in white sheets talking to a man in a beard.
Of course we have no bodily functions, but we have thoughts and love. Our minds and souls have more knowledge than your mind can imagine. Unfortunately, the kitchen is closed here. LOL.
So, you see in some ways it is different. In other ways, it is not. We also have the power to change our environment here as well.
When man frees himself from the shackles of religion on your plane, he will truly be ready to usher in the new age, the Aquarian Age. This is coming, but many will resist. Religion is not truly what many think
Know this: the creator loves all and wishes all to love each other and when this happens, the world will be ready; earth will be ready to advance to the next stage. Many on this plane and on higher planes will rejoice at mankind’s final realization that war and violence and bigotry and hate are a disgrace.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Who is the Creator?

The creator is a very, very enlightened high energy being, greater in power than all beings on your planes or most in the universe. But, the creator is not infallible. As such, it is hard for people to understand, but the creator has made mistakes and the creator was created by the life force of the universe.
We will tell you now that sometimes the creator wishes to move to another sphere or universe, or in fact, just rest. There are other superior higher light beings who can take over, per se. There have been about 20 creators since the universe that you inhabit was formed some many years before.
So, think of the creator as a loving energy light being there to help all. When you think of a good soul from earth such as John Paul II or Mother Theresa, you must know that they are nothing in goodness compared to the love of the creator. God Bless.
It is not our wish to cause unrest and riots, but this information must be put out. The creator is love and wishes to love all in the universe and help all. When mankind loves one another and pursues the love of nature and the planet and betters the individual soul and spirit; the creator is happy.

The Emmanuelle and the Muslim World

She will make an appearance in the Middle East and there will be some attempts to stop her physically. She will repel these with the force of power and energy. She is on a higher level now, in another star system. She will make an appearance on a Sunday in Jerusalem. It will still be there. She will finally say, “I am for peace, peace for eternity on this planet.” She will cause the Middle East to change its ways through several miracles and events. She will save a woman who is going to be executed there. Yes, even then they will still execute people. It will disappear soon from America, within a decade, maybe 15 years. It’s a venomous, hated, practice; a horrible thing for man to do to each other.
This will be the first miracle as civil war reins in the Muslim world between those who are enlightened and those who wish to continue the old ways. She will arrive on a battlefield near Jordan and say enough fighting; there will be no more fighting. Those who want war will try and kill her and she will put this down and disarm the armies by the thousands.
We speak now of our roles during this time. We will still be on our plane when the Emmanuelle comes to earth. But, we may visit earth to help those on the planet.

Who Was Jesus? Who is the Emmanuelle?

Love all mankind, Barry; enemies, friends, rich, poor. Help the poor and that is the message of Jesus Christ, the enlightened being who came to help all mankind. He will be returning to another distant planet to help misguided souls there, but will arrive in adult form and not be persecuted, but only do good deeds and explain to the misguided planet outside of the S Series of planets. It’s far away, so don’t worry about the location. Jesus will be referred to there by a name you cannot understand.
Yes, now, when the planes finally come together and this will be talked about by the Emmanuelle. She will say things like prepare yourself for the joining of heaven and earth. She will say all over the world.
Let us speak about the Emmanuelle for a moment. She will do some wondrous things that frankly will shock people on earth. But, like Jesus, she will do things to make people notice. She will say I am here in London and I wish to be arrive at an event in Copenhagen or Tokyo. I will travel there now by thought energy expansion and immediately she will be there. People will stare in wonder and this will be on TV. She will appear instantly and the world will be in awe.
But, make no mistake the Emmanuelle will not be persecuted as Jesus was. The world, thank God, is more advanced and will be in 150 years. It will truly be ready to embrace her.
This will really be the last stage of the Great Awakening, after the Shift.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alien Technology for Earth

Some technology will be found. It will be evaluated and will help in the development of computers in the future. It will be a way of transmitting 3-D on a computer screen and a way of using computers without using a keyboard.
A super computer will be left by so called aliens. There will be some writing and a small amount of plants from the atmosphere where they come from. THESE PEOPLE LOOK LIKE US BARRY. It has all been about control.
When the nations of the world know that they are not alone, this will cause all men to stop and think that there is something much greater. This will be a moment greater than in 1969, when man landed on the moon.
The Grays work for the five races and are programmed to come there and help. They are alive, but are living robots, but they are not made of sheet metal. LOL.
Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance leads to death and disaster.

The Shift and the Great Awakening

During the Shift, mankind will, as said be interacting with so called aliens. They will take man on some space rides. Normal people will get whirlwind tours of many areas of the universe and so forth. People will be amazed at this. Gandar is here and he says EARTH PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR FROM SO CALLED ALIENS. THEY ARE HERE TO HELP.
There are of course evil alien groups like the Foracaonians, but the five groups that help earth also protect it. There are millions of different alien species in our universe, too many to contemplate. Five are the friends of earth.
Now we move on to space ships arriving over the United States. There will be such great activity; many large formations, part of this Great Awakening. It is being speeded up. They will not yet contact man, but there will be many who see them. In the South, perhaps in Florida, so called aliens will leave something to be examined, something that man will analyze and say this is not human. This will be revealed and the government will not be able to deny this at all.
Did you ever think old friend that one reason for the government cover up for so long is that they and world religions would lose control over people. People will believe finally that there is more out there and something much greater than any government power. What is a government compared to the Creator and so called aliens? Governments want all control and power, but only the creator is the real power. When the so called aliens are known and interacted with, then the White House and governments are nothing.
That is the way it should be. That is the way it will be after such a gigantic showing of alien craft that is coming. What if I told you there will be 20 to 30 ships seen at noon and filmed. The government will try and deny it, but how much longer can this be denied? It is the truth and God Bless.

The Mars Cover-Up

There will be some evidence of life on Mars appearing. They will find footprints and wreckage perhaps. Whether the government does anything with this is hard to say. This is being covered up as well. They have the technology to get there and there have been missions to Mars. Look to an organization. They are the ones controlling things. Mr. Hoagland is right. NASA is a bit of a chimera to hide the truth.
There is a government organization responsible for sending men to Mars and the moon. They operate from a base in Nebraska, far from people. The base was used in the Cold War as well.

The Return of Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon is coming back in about ten years to help with the Shift. He will return to his nation. Look to Ohio. He will be back in politics again. He wants to make amends, to fix things per se, to change what he failed at in his mind. Many souls attempt to return and change things they failed at the first time. God Bless.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Foracaonians, Israel and So-Called Aliens

The reach of the Foracaonians has extended to Israel and there are those who wish to destroy Israel from other spheres as well. There is a special, chakra energy under Israel. This would be in the desert near the old fortress. One should look there for relics from another civilization that lived there. Not the Atlanteans or the Mitholonians. These people were mainly in this area and came from the galaxy Alexi, which is where Jesus came from. They sent him back to an area where the energy was higher for him. The energy from ancient civilizations is so high that it still lingers.
We say tonight and we will tell you that the majority of so-called aliens in our universe look very similar to earth people. There are a few genetic differences and such, but almost all look very similar to earth people.
Gandar says that new souls on earth are the result of earth as a backwater colony of so many alien races. I am allowed to say that over 20 alien races from five different alien groups sent new souls to earth. But, new souls from Pleiadian, Mitholonian and Alexian galaxies would not be anywhere near the level of the primitive new souls on earth.
So-called aliens will be there on earth during the Shift to assist all.
As said, most aliens in the universe here do look in fact like the people on earth old friend. So, it is no big deal; nothing to be frightened of and such. Do not fear them. Gandar is here. He says this: DO NOT FEAR THEM. THEY COME IN PEACE TO HELP ALL MANKIND.
They know mankind is very primitive and seek to do violence. Such is the sort of affairs on earth. The Emmanuelle will help change this. She is coming. This is on schedule. God Bless.
There will be more contacts with aliens. This is coming and the U.S. Government will begin to reveal more things. The government has aliens and works with them. We should say that the leaders of world governments and world religions have been told the Revelation, the Awakening is coming. They can do nothing to stop it.
The so-called aliens have told some religions, who do you think started this planet? This is a great joke on our plane.

The Awareness

We say tonight that most so-called aliens are not on the earth plane’s time. Most advanced civilizations such as the Pleiadians run on the Awareness. Things are done and happen because they are done and happen. Not because it is ten o’clock.

So-Called Aliens and Vibration Levels

Much of this so-called alien involvement and such are reported in desert areas. This is because the energy there is in line with what they need and they feel most comfortable with the vibrational levels in these areas. We say now that there are different vibrational levels everywhere on earth and sometimes when they hover over an area, they are doing tests to determine the vibrational levels and if this would be suitable for their work.
They are trying to help mankind. Most aliens are harmless. The ones you cannot see, such as the Foracaonians are the ones to watch out for and God Bless. Most aliens are there to help.
Souls cannot divide themselves and be in your plane and another plane at the same time.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thought Power

The power of thoughts should not be underestimated. We will speak a little about this. Thoughts are energy and to think is of course to do. One person’s thought may be more powerful than another’s. Man still does not have the power to really move things or conjer up things immediately with thoughts. This will come in due time on your plane when the creator feels man is ready. These people who can move objects and so forth with their minds were so-called aliens who were sent to your plane to show the intellectually reluctant world to move forward.
The so-called aliens are anxious to break the news to the world that, yes, they are indeed real and they have been interacting with and are part of man’s development on the sphere called earth.
We say tonight that there are earth-like planets and realms. But, there is no planet that is exactly like earth.
But, there are planets that have humans on them just like earth. The planets are different in concept and shape and seasons and such. But, make no mistake, OUTSIDE OF YOUR GALAXY THERE ARE HUMANS.
Gandar says the Pleiadians are slightly different genetically. Humans were deposited on other planets that have the same environmental factors as earth. Most of these planets have evolved further except for one which is where earth was in about 1300 A.D. Nevertheless, earth is behind the other human planets, of which some are perhaps thousand of years ahead in technology and spiritual advancement.
One day man will look back on your time and mine and say what in the name of God were these people doing to each other.
The earth will again be clean and more beautiful than ever.

Aliens Among Us II

We shall now tell you how many so-called aliens walk the earth. About 7-10% of the world’s population are so-called aliens. They are there from one way or another. This can be through walk-ins, or simply transformations of energy and blending in with the population.
What’s a transformation?
This occurs when the soul is transferred from a human to an alien body. You do not understand this, so we will explain. What we are saying is that the alien does not come into the body in a transformation such as in a walk-in. But, the human is taken to an alien health center and the human is literally given information that only so-called aliens have. This is the easiest way for you to understand this. God Bless.
Yes, only a small percentage of those on earth arrived as so-called aliens. The Foracaonians are a small clique who have infiltrated the government and military and are now weakening. They will soon be gone. As we have mentioned before, any souls born within the next 100 years will not be allowed to live there. Even the lowliest soul will not be allowed to incarnate there. The planet will disappear, as if it has never been there before. It is all energy and such energy can indeed disappear.
This is the case of some who simply vanish from your planet. They are energy, higher energy actually and they just leave the earth plane and go to other planes. Some are indeed so-called aliens. Others are humans who did not know they could move into other dimensions and planes. As mentioned before, it is very hard for a human being to return to your plane when in another dimension. Usually, they must remain with us.

Monday, January 3, 2011

They Come in Peace for All Mankind

Yes, we say tonight that your current culture is really the only one on earth that hasn’t interacted daily with so-called aliens. What we mean is that earlier peoples on earth, such as Lemuria and Atlantis were in constant contact with so-called aliens.
For various reasons the creator let mankind go on its own without the assistance, at least openly from so-called aliens. Man has openly rejected these so-called aliens while knowing full well that souls from other planets come to earth regularly. This crucial time is coming in 2018. The revelation, the final awakening is coming to let the world know that all or at least most so-called aliens come in peace.
Mankind has nothing to fear from them. They truly want peace. They want mankind on earth to rise up to their levels of civilization, to the level of former earth civilizations. Mankind has been pulled backward too long. That is why the awakening is coming. When they arrive they will say and do things that will let the world know that they are here to help.

Minature Aliens

There is a race of ET’s that are what you would call minature; people less than six inches tall. They have a noble purpose in the universe and they are advanced, very advanced. They’re from the star system Sinyma.
Jack sensed I wasn’t taking the story of six-inch minature aliens seriously.
This is not a joke. They are minature, but they have the power to change size and are of course invisible. These so-called aliens appear undetectable on most places on earth. This is for a reason. Who do you think is making these so-called crop circles. The crop circles are not just markings, but there is a residue on them that so-called aliens use as navigational bearings.

The End of the Foracaonians

The creator has decided that the Foracaonians are to disappear from the universe. Yes, it sounds hard to fathom. They are not that large a force, but completely evil. They will be gone in 100 years in your time. There will be no new souls moving there. A soul has been allowed to go to Foracaon because of free will. Not all soul groups are good. Some are evil. But, the creator wishes that they turn to good. Foracaon will be a dead planet soon enough old friend.
As said Barry, every single event and happening and person and place and thing is inter-connected and has a logical purpose.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aliens Among Us

There are many who travel into your plane from other spheres and planets old friend. We will name people who are true aliens and not star children or reincarnated aliens who came here to help as well. We speak of other Pleiadians who walk the earth now to help. Do you think Mr. Gates and Mr. Jobs receive their information out of nowhere. It’s laughable to think otherwise.
Mr. Jobs was a walk-in who took over from the original Steve Jobs during the 8th Grade time frame. Bill Gates was sent to earth at an early age and switched as a young baby. This is the truth that we speak and God Bless.

Mankind on Earth

As said since the time mankind first started on earth there has been interaction between man and so-called aliens. The so-called aliens have the ability to move in and out of galaxies and solar systems but not universes. No one from this universe may pass into another universe. There is a field of energy, per say, light energy to stop anyone. It simply cannot be done. When coming to the boundaries of your universe a craft would have to turn around. But, this area is so large, so expansive that one on your plane could not even imagine how large it is.
We move on to say that so-called aliens, mainly the Pleiadians and Mitholonians have mated with humans of all nations.
The Pleiadians are tall and lighter. The Mitholonians are darker. You and I are descendants of Pleiadians, although a family tree would be hard to trace. LOL. Latinos and Africans are really variants of the Mitholonians and Ronaleians. Asians are from a different star system. Gandar is here and says hello.
Hi Gandar.
Yes, aliens have been moving into the earth’s atmosphere for a long time. Mankind is descended from aliens. Really all of mankind is descended from aliens. Why is this so hard, so strange for the world to grasp? Now a little on the theory of evolution; how man decided to think that apes were his ancestors is almost a joke on this plane and there are many jokes about this. As said, these creatures are from a different planet and God Bless. Each single trait mankind has is from the planet or star system of the alien race that brought man to earth. This other idea that man was some type of slave for aliens is not true.
At first man lived longer at a time when man had not polluted his world. But, slowly after that a natural age progression developed for man on the earth sphere.
Some Pleiadians have blond hair and blue and green eyes. Earth is a true melting pot and that has led to such violent wars.

The Revelation and the Vatican UFO Cover-Up

Bobby is here and he says that there wil be more so-called alien activity in the United States. It will increase and increase and finally this true story will come out. Let us discuss this subject, this final “Revelation” of who these so-called aliens are and how this will happen.
As said, the actual apperance, the arrival per se, will be during the Shift while chaos is reigning. We see 2018 as the beginning of the Revelation. This has been covered up a long time during the history of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has documents that are buried in the Vatican vaults. These documents mention contact between some representatives of the European monarchy, Church officials and so-called aliens in the last 1500 years. Of course the Church wishes to cover this up. It’s a business and they would be out of business, I assure you.
These documents have logs that detail contact with alien nations, those we always speak of who are assigned by the creator to help earth.
There are documents that go as far back as Charlemagne. There have been secret meetings between the Vatican and so-called aliens. These aliens range from Pleiadians who mainly look like the Dutch to the Mitholonians who resemble the science fiction versions of aliens.
Gandar says the last pope spoke with the aliens at a secret base near Milan, Italy. There are hidden areas in the Italian Alps where meetings have beeen going on for many years. Before that the meetings were in Rome. Alien groups have told the Vatican and world governments that the time is coming when the old religions and such ways of thinking will be thrown aside. The Vatican knows that the whole story is not the exact truth.
Let us be clear; Jesus’ message is live the Golden Rule. Yes, Jesus was an ET. He was put on earth by alien races from a distant galaxy. This has been part of the cover up. The cover up is mainly to prevent worldwide chaos, but the creator has decided that the world must know the truth. In order for mankind to progress into the Aquarian Age, man must move forward from these old Piscean ways of black and white religious dogma.
These so-called aliens are working with the Church and the Vatican knows the clock is running out. The Vatican understands this and that much of what they say is right, but also wrong. The cover up also involves technology that is being used and hidden. In 1965 there was a meeting between Soviet, U.S., British and French representatives and those from four alien nations. The aliens stated that there will not be another third world war. Any action started would be diffused. They told them to find ways to come to peace with their ideologies. Finally, the alien nations warned the Soviet Union that their way of life would not last forty more years. Communism was supposed to collapse in the time frame 1992-2000. But, its demise was speeded-up by Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Both of these men were sent by the creator to destroy this type of government and they succeeded in their mission.
So, you see the cover up is not going to continue much longer.
Every month and year passes until July 26, 2018, when the Revelation will come. This will show that man is not alone. Alien spacecraft will come in peace for the universe and the progression of mankind. People will say, it’s okay, we knew this was the truth anyway. There will be technology revealed and things seen and recorded that build up to this day.

Fossil Fuel Damage

"And, now we speak of aliens, so-called aliens. They are doing some repairs to the sun right now as its rays being are toned down to avoid burning through to the earth. Fossil fuel pollution has spread to the sun and across your solar system and has caused imbalances. A highly evolved alien race has traveled very far from another universe. They are there to repair this damage. "

Electronic Reading Devices

"Your electronic reading devices are primitive crystals. Many in our plane and on advanced planets and spheres use crystal type devices for reading. "

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Plight of Mankind

"Bobby is here and he wishes to say hello and he wishes to tell the people on earth that their number one goal is not to destroy the planet, but to save it. This is something we would like to touch upon. Every single day of one's existence on earth should be dedicated in even the smallest way to harvesting and planting the seeds for future generations of all fauna and flora on the planet."

"We are tired, many spirits are tired of watching the plight of mankind. The people of earth have set a course for moving backwards for a long time. The time is coming when the earth will once again have a chance to catapult itself into the same level of existence as your closest neighbors, the Pleiadians."

"Earth has a chance in the next 50 to 100 years to be where Lemuria left off. Many souls are now entering your plane who led many lives on Lemuria."

"Look to the stars and you will see the earth's future. Man must move away from the shackles that have left him behind, such as old religious dogmas and the avoidance, the cover up of the so-called aliens who are nothing more than other souls. Many of them look just like you. "

"Peace and God bless."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How Jack Wants to be Remembered

Jack gave me this message several weeks ago during the week of November 22nd:

"As said, I wish to tell the world that when they think of Jack Kennedy, please do not think of a man who hung around with mobsters, but a man who was for peace. Now, I wish to work for mankind's future. If all men would work for the planet's future, the world would be on course, instead of off course. Please print this."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving 2010 Message From Jack

Jack first gave this message to me in 2007. It continues to be relevant three years later.

On Thanksgiving Day, 2007, Jack had some comments to make to the nation.

"I ask you, is there anything worse than being homeless on a holiday, abandoned by society, but not by God. Many have nowhere to go or anyone to love them. Only when Americans love all men, will they grow spiritually as a nation. Unfortunately, the nation is going backwards.

How can anyone enjoy a holiday meal when their countrymen are rummaging through garbage cans for food? We ask that all Americans take a moment to pray for those who do not have what they do and who at that very moment are living in the cold or in fear or are unhealthy and who must beg, borrow or steal for the most minimal food.

Every mid-size town should have shelters and this could be easily accomplished. America must look for private enterprise as the first choice to build more shelters. But, this is not being done as the rich are holding to the motto of “Let them eat cake.”

When the economy finally collapses, the government must be prepared to help and also build shelters. If people are not given help, there will be dire consequences.

So, in conclusion here are the points to our program: 1. Get the homeless off the streets. 2. Provide anyone with medical care who needs it. 3. Have food and beverages for the homeless. 4. Start a program called from Streets to Splendor or something like that.


Families with children should be helped first. Children linger on the streets tonight that live like Oliver Twist.

There must be some type of food banks provided by the wealthy. No one should go without a meal. Bobby wants some new types of federal and state programs to get to the bottom of this catastrophe

So let’s take the money from the perpetual war in Iraq and move it to these programs. Let’s take care of our own nation and end the strife and the fear and the saber rattling and move into a new world.

We need a new land where all can prosper, where wages aren’t depressed and prices inflated. Bobby says perhaps the poverty level index can be raised.

What kind of nation lets 35 million of its people go hungry each night?

We will not rest on these issues until hunger is erased in the nation. America will not advance one step further spiritually until it shelters the homeless and feeds the hungry. The new program should be titled, Three Meals a Day.

The days must end when Americans are shackled to the fear of poverty; day and night, the fear of living in terrified apprehension of what can happen to them on the streets. Perhaps this is a utopia. But, a utopia is normal on many planets in the Creator’s universe. The people on Earth have chosen to create a hell-like atmosphere for themselves. If they expand their minds, their spirituality and their beliefs, then all of the universe’s possibilities would open up to them."

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 1963

Jack refuses to speak about the events of that day. He is more concerned about the future of the planet and humanity. BUT, he did want me to publish this one line concerning what he referred to as "his demise."


Sunday, November 7, 2010

America Will Not be Allowed to Move Backwards

"Spirits are trying to change the mentality of Americans. There are hard lessons to be learned. The energy of the United States is low and has not risen to where we believed it would be at this time. Dangerous times for Americans - we don't see any economic recovery. People will begin to question many things. Look for riots as said and some more right-wing violence. This will not fade and get worse. American is not ready yet to move forward, but it must! There is no going back as the Tea Party people think. The creator will ensure in one way or another that mankind moves forward, not backwards. We want progress: health care for all, no borders, no wars, peace all the time and everywhere and cultural and technological and medical advances. Let us be clear tonight. We warn the United States that you will not be allowed to step backwards. If you wish to do so, this will not be allowed by the creator. You will be moved forward by events or natural events and all by the creator. Sorry for the warning old friend, but we are serious. Those on our plane, on our level and on much higher levels have seen enough of the United States moving backwards. America has not learned its lessons. The nation is not acting like a leader, but a global pariah of fear and paralysis. End the fear America and pick yourself up and seek to go forward. God Bless"

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jack's Prediction about Harry Reid on November 1st

I deliberately didn't post this because I honestly thought Jack was way off on this one. Here's Jack on Midterm Election Eve, Monday night:

"We say tonight Harry Reid may yet pull this off. Look for a late nighter."

Lesson learned - post all predictions and see what happens...LOL.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jack's Warnings about Right-Wing Violence Are Happening

Jack had warned us in April of 2010 about impending right-wing violence. A current Huffington Post article details right-wing violence taking place.


And, one of Jack's messages from April.

Jack Warns Again of Right-Wing Violence

"We are wishing to warn the nation tonight of impending right-wing attacks against people and store owners and political offices. This will really get out of hand. "

"Violence in any form, by any means, and any way is not the right course to take. I'm taking Bobby's speech. He is not here and is now investigating and trying to save coral reefs."

"As said, violence is coming. There are going to be riots against the banks and right-wing attacks against the left. This is going to be inflamed by the Republicans who are really going to cease being a political party."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Little Green Men

"Americans must begin to open their minds and seek out the TRUTH about what is really going on, on earth and what has happened on earth in the planet's history. The little green men, per say, are the protectors of earth and other star systems. "

More on the 2010 Election

"Mrs. Whitman and Fiorina are goners in this election. Miss O'Donnell will lose heartily, but this is no surprise. LOL. "

"Look for Mr. Feingold to possibly win in Wisconsin. Mr. Sestak will have an all-nighter; hard to say on that one."

"We don't see Harry Reid winning in Nevada. The crackpot will win." God Bless.

The 2010 Election and American Upheaval

"We wish to say that things are going to get worse economically, whoever is in charge. The fat cats and robber barons are exploiting people. Be prepared for two years of riots and some violence, sorry to say. "

"Mr. Obama will bring the troops home by 2012. Mr. Bloomberg will not run. Look for Mr. Huckabee. "

"Yes, sorry to say, but we warn the nation tonight of economic riots that are coming. "

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jack Speaks about the Tea Party

"There will be some surprises at the polls. This is coming."

"The Tea Party is out of touch with the future well being of the American people. The American people need to think this through. Why would anyone be for the Tea Party?"

Monday, October 18, 2010

UFO Reports

"Look for some more UFO's spotted in the Oregon and Northern California areas. Look for reports of orange lights."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Parallel Planes

"There will be a physics discovery, a discovery of another plane, a parallel plane. They will be able to prove it. This will happen in ten years. They will compare the frequency in the light spectrum. With the merging of certain planes, the light spectrum on earth will gradually change old friend."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Stock Market Warnings

This time the warning is from Bobby, passed on by Jack.

"A stock market collapse is imminent. A 2000 point drop will happen during just one week, sorry to say. God Bless."

This is becoming a frequent prediction from Jack. Let's hope this one is wrong. Some of predictions do not happen, or take place at different times. If you check the blog entry dated April 12, 2010, you can see that they predicted an Israeli/Palestinian peace treaty. This seems to be incredibly in the works now.

A Message from Mrs. Bhutto

Jack sometimes relays messages from the late Benazir Bhutto.

"Mrs. Bhutto says Americans are not at peace with themselves. Only when they can make peace within themselves will they be free of the virulent negativity which runs though the nation now."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peace is the Only Way America

"The energy has not changed enough in the United States. Americans must learn to love peace. Peace is the only way. Seek peace and the world is yours."

The Public Health Care Option

"We see Mr. Obama doing great things in the last two years of his second term. Look for a public option in health care. "

The 2012 Presidential Election

"Mr. Obama will win in 2012. "

"Mr. Paul or Dr. Franklin was sent to awaken America. But, the Tea Party is not what the nation needs now. The nation needs to move forward, not backwards."

Continued Warnings about the Stock Market

One of Jack's most accurate predictions was the collapse of the stock market in 2008. He again predicted another collapse this summer, which did not happen. Now, he is again warning of an impending stock market collapse.

"The economy -- we see a free fall coming in the markets very soon. It cannot continue to be propped up, which it has been.We believe the Dow could drop to 6,000; sorry to say. This is not Mr. Obama's fault. It is the fault of the people in London who are pulling the strings, the ones who control many things and the people in Switzerland. God Bless."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More on "The Crime of the Millennium"

"So many dark forces involved including Mr. Cheney who is the right hand of it. The motivations are war and greed and money. A plane did not hit the Pentagon. It crashed in Chesapeake Bay. Look there. God Bless."

Peace is the Only Way Earth!

"Peace is the only way. Mankind doesn't even begin to see this. War is still glorified. What has the U.S gained in almost ten years of war? The only gain from the wars have been profits. The war on terror is about fat cats making money and nothing more. The American people have fallen for this: hook, line and sinker. How many more deaths and wars will have to happen? The war profiteers are the enemy of the United States and the free world. To those on earth who seek peace, look to Lucerne and the military industrial complex. They are murderers who kill and maim and deceive for money.

9-11 and False Wars

Jack continued with more information about 9-11 and the fake war on terror:

"Look to the money transfers and you can follow the path of 9-11. There were several players: the Russians, Cheney and company, Lucerne and the military-industrial complex. To bring down America, that is the real goal of this so-called War on Terror. How long can this farce continue? It's not a war America. This has all been made up to scare you into giving up your liberties and destroying your economy. What has America gained since 9-11? Not one thing, but it has lost so much. Start thinking America! You can solve your own national dilemmas. These wars are caused just to make money!"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

9-11 "The Crime of the Millennium"

Jack switched back to a subject he has been discussing on and off since 2007: what really happened on 9-11 and the true motivations behind the War on Terror...

"9-11 as said, is the Crime of the Millennium. There were many dark forces involved; the Foracaonians, some in the U.S. Government and those in Lucerne who rule the world. There were many motivations - war and greed and money and the destruction of the economy. Look also to Russians behind this as well, not the Russian mob, but former members of the Politburo, government types. Much Russian involvement, not the Chinese. They're not that stupid."

"This was a crime. It will all come out one day. This will not be hidden and will be revealed in about ten years to the American public. The American public does not see this war for what it is, a fake war. The war is a sham. America shut down the wars. "

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Message to the Human Race from Gandar, the Pleiadian

Gandar, the de facto head of the Humanity Project speaks to America:

"We have a message from Gandar the Pleiadian, the so-called alien who says to the human race that there should only be one religion, the Oneness, spiritually, being kind to one another and your neighbor. Mankind must dispose of all religions. When mankind does this, the advancement of mankind on earth will happen. God Bless."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jack Speaks about the child prodigy Jackie Evancho

Some of you might have heard about the phenomenal child prodigy, Jackie Evancho, a talented young girl who sings opera. Jack rarely speaks of celebrities, but he did several nights ago...

"The young girl, Jackie Evancho is the reincarnation of a famous singer in the time of Mozart. She knew Mozart. She will also begin to sing more contemporary songs and Broadway. This soul will live a long life and be very happy. She will have three children when she is in her thirties. God Bless."

More on Gene Repair and Cancer Cures

"Look for more cures for cancer coming from light and sound waves and the evolution of gene repair. Gene repair is the key to destroying it. When genes are repaired in one's youth before the age of five this can stop all cancers and cancer will be eradicated from the face of the earth. God Bless."

"The strands must be repaired. When the strands are deformed this causes the mutations. We say tonight that cancer begins at a very early age. This sets off a chain reaction in the body and in combination with pollutants and harmful substances causes cancer."

"If one doesn't have the mutation, they will not suffer from cancer."

Gene Repair and Cures for Cancer

"Look to repairing genes to finding cures for cancer. When the genes are cured, the cancer is cured. Lasers and light therapy can repair the genes."

The Return of Albert Einstein

"Albert Einstein is returning to your plane very soon. He will be involved in the medical world, helping make inroads with cancer treatments. Within 70 years, most forms of cancer will be gone. God Bless. Mr. Einstein will help with light therapy and gene repair."

Richard the Lionheart warns the U.S.

Jack passed on a message from the soul who was formerly Richard the Lionheart, King of England, 800 years ago. This soul has had many lives since and is once again on Jack's plane.

"He's an interesting fellow and wishes to warn the U.S. about its lack of political unity. He says trouble and riots and more economic woes are coming to America."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Moon People

Jack repeated his prediction that so-called aliens will be spotted in Northern California, but with a new twist...

"Look for some sightings of so-called aliens in Northern California. People will call them the Moon People. Sightings will take place in Santa Rosa and Santa Clara. There will be sightings of strange-looking beings around sunrise and sunset."

While he gave me this prediction, I viewed human-like beings with very large heads, apparently the Moon People.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hills of Limoges

"Look for orange lights around Limoges. In the hills there are some properties, hidden things. Look to the hills of Limoges and the strange lights there. The so-called aliens are tired of the people of earth ignoring them. God Bless."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Medical Cures

"There will be, as said, many new cures in medicine coming soon in the next ten years. Skin cancer of all types will be one of the first things to be eradicated with light. Look to Cal Poly Tech for the cure. Americans of Chinese ancestry will find the cure. The body will be bathed in light that will cleanse the skin within thirty minutes. God Bless."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Orange Lights over the Vatican and Limoges

Jack returned to one of his favorite subjects, the final revelation of alien involvement with mankind's past, present and future.

"Many so-called alien sightings are coming soon. Look for sightings over the Vatican. Orange lights will soon be spotted over the Vatican and Limoges in France. Limoges is an area where there have been contacts between aliens and members of the Vatican and the French and Italian governments. "

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Downfall of Atlantis and Brothers of Mankind"

"We wish to speak of Atlantis for a moment. This time was really the beginning of the downfall of contact between so-called aliens and man. The Atlanteans were arrogant and had the knowledge given to them by so-called aliens. After Atlantis' destruction, the contact began to end and we say that their final destruction was caused by the technology they had received from the Mitholonians."

"Soon mankind will slowly, but surely begin to openly confer with so-called aliens who look like man, are brothers of mankind, but inside is what is very different. These are souls who have an understanding of peace and knowledge unlike anything man knows."

"We say to mankind, don't you wish to be like your brothers in space who have grown and gone so far, but earth hasn't? Earth is a big disappointment, sorry to say. But, we have hope for it. One day it will move away from war into a future, a brilliant future without war and fear and evil."

"This horrible period now on earth will get worse for a little while, then end and mankind will one day wonder why they were and what they were in this time. God Bless."

A Week of Earthquakes in California

"Earthquakes and some of a significant nature are coming. They will call it the week of earthquakes from San Diego to San Francisco, about nine all together. Some of the worst ones will be between 6.0 and 7.0. Much shaking is coming in August."

Inside a Craft from Atlantis

"If one wonders how a craft from Atlantis was powered, look to a control center with pyramid-shaped crystals. There would be two seats surrounded by ambient blue and red lights."

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aliens Among Us

"We shall now tell you how many so-called aliens walk the earth. About 7-10% of the world’s population are so-called aliens. They are here from one way or another. This can be through walk-ins, or simply transformations of energy and blending in with the population.

What’s a transformation?

This occurs when the soul is transferred from a human to an alien body. You do not understand this, so we will explain. What we are saying is that the alien does not come into the body in a transformation such as in a walk-in. But, the human is taken to an alien health center and the human is literally given information that only so-called aliens have. This is the easiest way for you to understand this. God Bless.

Yes, only a small percentage of those on earth arrived as so-called aliens. The Foracaonians are a small clique who have infiltrated the government and military and are now weakening. They will soon be gone."

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Return of the Phoenix Lights

"More Phoenix lights are coming. Look for orange lights over Phoenix and the Vatican and over Lake Michigan as well."

The End of the Military-Industrial Complex

"There are those on earth who wish to continue the war and the violence, the military-industrial complex. Their days of making money are numbered because war will finally be disappearing from the earth. They plan on waging war and causing violence as long as they can. Peace will eventually reign on earth. God Bless."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Explanation for the 2007 Phoenix Lights...The Mitholonians

"Lo and behold the Mitholonians have returned to Phoenix. If the American public believes these are really flares they should get their head examined Bobby says. And, I concur."

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Final End to Capital Punishment in America

Jack made this comment about capital punishment over a year ago. I thought it was fitting to post it today on the blog, after yesterday's execution in Utah.

"It will disappear soon from America, within a decade, maybe 15 years. It’s a venomous, hated practice; a horrible thing for man to do to each other."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Banishment of Evil Souls from Earth...Forever

Jack speaks of evil souls on earth and the creator's decision to permanently banish them from our planet forever:

"The creator has decided to banish these evil souls from earth forever. There are too many and they have caused too much chaos and death. Some may be sent to one of the S Series of Pleiadian planets, which looks like earth, is almost a mirror of earth. This is not a mirror plane, Gandar says and hello to Barry. He says evil souls incarnating into another life may go to this planet for healing. The soul will learn new ways of thinking and living. They will never return to earth, ever. God Bless."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Summer of the Great Awakening

Jack speaks of the alien Great Awakening beginning in summer time. I don't believe it is this summer, but I do believe that it will happen in the next ten years.

"There are of course evil alien groups like the Foracaonians, but the five groups that help earth also protect it. There are millions of different alien species in our universe, too many to contemplate. Five are the friends of earth.

Now we move on to space ships arriving in formation over the United States. There will be such great activity in the summer; many large formations, part of this Great Awakening. It is being speeded up. They will not yet contact man, but there will be many who see them. In the South, perhaps in Florida, so called aliens will leave something to be examined, something that man will analyze and say this is not human. This will be revealed and the government will not be able to deny this at all.

Did you ever think old friend that one reason for the government cover up for so long is that they and world religions would lose control over people. People will believe finally that there is more out there and something much greater than any government power. What is a government compared to the Creator and so called aliens? Governments want all control and power, but only the creator is the real power. When the so called aliens are known and interacted with, then the White House and governments are nothing.

That is the way it should be. That is the way it will be after such a gigantic showing of alien craft that is coming in the summer. What if I told you there will be 20 to 30 ships seen at noon and filmed. The government will try and deny it, but how much longer can this be denied? It is the truth and God Bless."

Monday, June 7, 2010

Spiral Technology and Spiral Crystals

"Spirals are the key to life. The key is spiral technology and spiral crystals. Spiral crystals can help with healing. Take a picture or drawing of a spiral crystal and place it in one's bedroom; anywhere near where a person sleeps. It will promote positive healing energy. The spiral is the key to much in life. Those on your plane do not understand it yet. People on your plane believe that just the crystal rock itself is powerful, but this is only partially true. The crystal must interact with mathematical and physical properties. It must be bent and shaped in a certain way to allow the passage of light and energy through it. When one has just a crystal rock this is only a very small amount of power that it's capable of. Crystals can propel men into space. That is how powerful they are. They can foment a form of electricity and can be used to generate nuclear fusion technology. Look for pyramid shaped crystals for this. The shape is the key. Spiral shaped crystals are the key to healing. So, we say to the world tonight, find a picture of any spiral colors. Place it in your room or bedroom. This will allow some positive energy to flow and provide health benefits. The spiral cure, the spiral crystal cure as well is powerful. If one were to wear a spiral crystal it would promote healing, extend life and promote love. So, look for spiral crystals. They promote peace as well. God Bless."

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jack on the Stock Market

Jack's previous warnings about another stock market fall seem to be bearing fruit. With a market drop today of over 300 points we have to wonder how far down it will really go?

Vatican Diagrams

"Diagrams are hidden in the Vatican. These diagrams consist of markings, and information about craft from the five realms that protect earth. The Vatican has the information, enough to fill volumes, a set of encyclopedias. The Vatican must be revealed for who they are and what they're purveying. The real truth about mankind has not been let out. Evolution is the fraud of mankind. The true evolution of mankind comes from the so-called aliens. God Bless."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Colors will Heal the World

"As said, cures for cancer are coming from light therapy and energy therapy; light therapy first. Colored light will heal all and everything. New mathematical theorems and geometric formulas in conjunction with old basic sacred geometry will create ambient colors to heal. There are colors - we say tonight colors will be created that do not yet exist in your world. These colors will be formed from a spiral light spectrum that man doesn't understand. Just as there are spiral or parallel worlds, there is spiral light energy that has not been discovered. When man understands how to create a new light spectrum then he will be closer to discovering the power of colors to heal cancer and other diseases. God Bless."

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The reach of the Foracaonians has extended to Israel and there are those who wish to destroy Israel from other spheres as well. There is a special, chakra energy under Israel. This would be in the desert near the old fortress. One should look there for relics from another civilization that lived there; not the Atlanteans or the Mitholonians. These people were mainly in this area and came from the galaxy Alexi, which is where Jesus came from. They sent him back to an area where the energy was higher for him. The energy from ancient civilizations is so high that it still lingers. God Bless.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Blue is the light that will heal cancer."

The future of medicine from Jack:

"The blue glass is the healer and this will soon be discovered. Light moves through glass in a chamber. So, old friend, think of a chamber like the MRI chamber mankind uses. There will be refracted light through colored glasses to heal. This can be done with the correct light balances. Some geometric theorems need to be in place there. The light must be very powerful to enter the body, but not hurt it. It will heal all and blue light will heal many cancers. BLUE IS THE LIGHT THAT WILL HEAL CANCER. BLUE IS THE COLOR THAT WILL HEAL CANCER. BLUE GLASS AND LIGHT. God Bless."

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hidden Documents about Jesus and the Virgin Mary

"Yes, and more information will be revealed about who and what the Virgin Mary is; an enlightened being that will return as the so-called Emmanuelle. There will be some documents found. There are many documents hidden about the Virgin Mary and Jesus. These documents are in the Vatican. Look to the red building. They call it the red building. Much information is hidden there behind a wall. Look for documents about who and what Jesus is."

"And, so what if Mary was an enlightened being. An enlightened being is a so-called alien. This is the hardest for the world to understand. The creator is an energy figure, but all great enlightened beings on earth were so-called aliens."

N.B. Is this the "red building" in the Vatican Jack is speaking about?


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Vatican and the Coming Alien Revelation

"As said, the Vatican knows the Revelation is coming and some wish to burn the documents located in the Villa Alberto and in the abbey there and in the basement of the Sistine Chapel. There are documents that detail technology and elements of the story of who Jesus really is. A schism is there between members of the leadership that has existed, sometimes involving the pope, sometimes not. We can say that Opus Dei is involved and these people who meet in Lucerne, the group known as the Order of the Death. They work with the Vatican and they wish to truly rule the earth and have, but their time is running out. "

"They promised the so-called aliens that they would present the evidence, the documents, diaries and papal statements. These things have never been seen before."

"We wish to say to the Vatican - open up the vaults and let the world know the truth. "

"But, in the end, it does not matter what the Vatican thinks. The Revelation is coming."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Message from Jack AND Bobby

"We wish to say to the world tonight - be involved in preserving the environment. Study math and science, building things, healing the human race and diplomacy. Throw your guns away. What have they ever really done to protect mankind? They do more harm to mankind than good. All men must decide that they are one, not separate enemies. Come together and build and change and expand and move the planet forward.

We say tonight to the world do not think of yourself as an American, a Frenchman, a Canadian; but a citizen of earth that is intent on solving the planet's problems so that earth shall move forward for all time. In the next 1000 years, the earth will see incredible changes, things no one on earth now can even think of.

Forget about war and prejudice and hate and greed; the old Piscean ways. Think about clean water and clean air and exploring space and ending war and hunger and thirst. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Go out tomorrow and save your city, your nation and your planet. These are messages from Bobby as well. God Bless"

The Earth is Protected

"What we are saying is that mankind does not need to fear most alien star systems and galaxies. The earth is protected by five realms and will always be. There will never be another nuclear explosion on earth. That has been decided by the creator. The creator has had enough of the slow progress of earth. Any large wars that would have happened are going to be stopped and solved peacefully. We can say this. Man is in a stage where any large wars will be stopped. Man has a chance for a just peace, peace forever and that is something to think about."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Universe's Energy Barrier

"As said since the time mankind first started on earth there has been interaction between man and so-called aliens. The so-called aliens have the ability to move in and out of galaxies and solar systems but not universes. No one from this universe may pass into another universe. There is a field of energy, per say, light energy to stop anyone. It simply cannot be done. When coming to the boundaries of your universe a craft would have to turn around. But, this area is so large, so expansive that one on your plane could not even imagine how large it is. "

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Vatican Cover-Up About Jesus

"The Vatican covers up and knows the real story of Jesus Christ. He was an enlightened being from the Alexian Galaxy. He was sent to earth to help. This should be released to the public. The world must know the truth about who and what Jesus was and is; a great, truly enlightened being, certainly one of the most powerful enlightened beings in the universal compact and universal realm. Although, there are more powerful and even more enlightened beings than Jesus. But, the power of Jesus' message to the world must not be underestimated. It does not matter what and who he really was. He is returning to another misguided planet outside the Andromeda Galaxy, in the general direction there. God Bless."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Energy Triangles

Jack spoke last night about the power that can be harnessed from what he calls "energy triangles." Notice the pattern here - the power of the Bermuda Triangle and the pyramids, obviously shaped as triangles.

"Mankind needs to understand the power based in a triangle. Enough power can come from this to create nuclear fusion technology, clean nuclear fusion. Think of a crystal triangle or a single metal triangle. Look into sacred geometry, its equations and new equations and their relationship to the light spectrum. The power is harnessed when light passes through the triangle's area. God Bless."

N.B. When Jack was speaking, I saw the image of the crystal triangle. It had a multi-dimensional, almost 3-D look to it. The metal triangle he spoke of looked like a metal I couldn't identify. It wasn't gold, silver, aluminum or any metal I have yet seen.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Global Warming is Universal

An excerpt from the soon to be released, BRIDGES TO OUR DREAMS.

"And, now we speak of aliens, so- called aliens. They are doing some repairs to the sun right now as its rays being are toned down to avoid burning through to the earth. Fossil fuel pollution has spread to the sun and across your solar system and has caused imbalances. A highly evolved alien race has traveled very far from another universe. They are there to repair this damage. "

“What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children – not merely peace for Americans, but peace for all men and women – not merely peace in our time, but peace for all time.”

President John F. Kennedy