"What kind of peace do I mean and what kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, and the kind that enables men and nations to grow, and to hope, and build a better life for their children—not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women, not merely peace in our time but peace in all time."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Foreword to Peace for All Time, Jack's Intro and Chapter One


In my forty-three years on the earth, I have observed and experienced a myriad of psychic phenomena. I have seen ghosts across the globe. I have felt the presence of evil in Chicago homes and in South Carolina swamps. Along The Gulf War’s infamous Highway of Death, I watched as hundreds of spirits stared at me and asked, “why?” I have walked the dark, wet streets of Berlin with ghosts of Nazi Germany and watched reluctantly as a “Gray” alien stood next to my bed. In Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon I observed a whole family of shadow people emerge from a haunted farmhouse and cross the street, only to disappear before my eyes.
Too some, this may appear abnormal, But, in truth it is not. The psychic world is all around us. As we get closer to the planet’s shift, the many dimensions surrounding us our opening up before our eyes. You do not have to be a famous psychic to see this. All people are innately psychic. Unfortunately, most people, obsessed with their mundane and hectic day-to-day schedules, ignore this ethereal milieu around them.
I grew-up in a place of clay tennis courts and manicured putting greens where Democrat was always a dirty word. Too many who resided in this posh suburb; the Democratic Party meant a weak foreign policy, outrageous, wasteful social programs and that dreaded word to every millionaire – taxes!
Nevertheless, my family admired John F. Kennedy and Jackie too. I remember finding Arthur Schlesinger’s, A Thousand Days and Kenneth O’Donnell’s Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye in my father’s library. He would often quote President Kennedy to emphasize a point or two. While my father admired President Kennedy’s speeches and my mother followed Jackie’s fashion trends, they still remained staunch Republicans.
Absorbing the political ideas surrounding me, I campaigned door-to-door for Ronald Reagan in 1980. I went to college in Texas, attending a conservative university in Dallas. While there, I visited the infamous triple underpass and book depository. I never felt President Kennedy’s presence at the assassination site; it was a place of zero energy, an absence of truly anything alive, a spiritual dead zone.
I did something most of my college friends could never fathom. I joined the military and served in Germany as an army intelligence officer, where I saw the Berlin Wall come down. I fought in Desert Storm where I saw things I’d rather forget. Perhaps, I was listening to President Kennedy’s harkening call, to “Ask what you can do for your country.”
I remained a rock-solid Republican until events in Iraq and the decline of civil rights led me to question the policies of my government. I began to ask myself the same questions many Americans have concerning Iraq. What are we doing there? When are we leaving? Has our blood been wasted?
I had read all of Ruth Montgomery’s books about automatic writing, but had only half-heartedly attempted to try it, until a strange thing happened to me in April of 2007. I was at a public library book sale in Los Angeles when I spotted a book titled, The Strategy of Peace by the then Senator John F. Kennedy. I reached for the book and opened it up. I flipped through the first title page and upon reaching the second one, noticed that there was a business card wedged into the book’s spine. I extracted it and read the card. It said, “John F. Kennedy, U.S. Senate, Massachusetts.” I also noticed that the card was signed at the top, “Jack Kennedy.” My heart fluttered with anticipation. After purchasing the book for one dollar, I mentally counted the thousands I would earn by selling the card to Sotheby’s or Christie’s.
As much as I had always admired President Kennedy, I saw this find as a small gold mine and nothing more.
That is…until I discussed this incident with my friend Staci. (www.wisdomreiki.com). Staci is a medium and a Reiki master healer. She is very intuitive and insisted that I show her the book and card.
We sat down together in my apartment and she closed her eyes and held the card.
Within fifteen seconds, she began to speak.
“He says that he gave you the book and autograph as a gift, but you are to help him write a book about peace. He has much to say that he couldn’t finish in his term as president and in his life. He says that you knew each other before in other lives, were friends and that you made a deal with him to help him, before you returned to earth in 1965.”
As she spoke, I was in shock, but not as much as you would think. In my life, I had always had this strange looming feeling that I somehow knew Jack Kennedy. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it though. As a boy, I had several dreams where Jack and Bobby were talking with me. I had experienced several dreams where I witnessed his inauguration and his trip to Berlin. Strangely, the pieces were slowly coming together, as if I was putting together a puzzle that was drenched in fog.
I responded to Staci’s words. “Well, Mr. President, I accept your offer. I’ll do my best to help you.” I was already having my doubts, but what did I have to lose. Jack Kennedy needed my help. I couldn’t let him down.
Staci responded, “He’s smiling and says you can call him Jack.”
“Thanks, Jack.”
“He says that you must give up control and let him talk to you.”
“Okay, no problem.”
Staci spoke again. “He says not to over-analyze everything. He’s laughing, because he knows you. He has a really good sense of humor.”
“With his sense of humor and mine, how will we get any work done?”
“He’s smiling again. He says for you to write at night, that you’re not much good in the morning.”
“That’s for sure.”
“He says, let’s get to work.”
That night, I began the process of automatic writing. Since I had experimented with it only two or three other times, I was quite nervous. What would happen? Would anything take place? Would Jack really show up? I had to admit, I was a little apprehensive.
The events of that night propelled me on an adventure that is still continuing. The last year and a half has been the most awe-inspiring and thought-provoking period of my life.
Anyone reading this book to glean information concerning Marilyn Monroe, the daily activities of the Rat Pack, or any other celebrity gossip, should just stop right now and donate the book to a charity. This book is about world affairs and the problems in our own country. While Jack has given me many predictions of the world’s future, this book focuses largely on HOW Americans and the world can change things for the betterment of mankind.
There will be many who will not believe a word of this book. To them, I quote that greatest of all princes, Hamlet. “There are more things on heaven and earth Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Most importantly, there are the words of Jesus Christ, who spoke to a skeptic Thomas. “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."
But, there will also be many who do believe every word of this book. And, every word of this book is from the late President John F. Kennedy, or Jack, as I have come to know him. There are also messages in this book from Jackie, Bobby and John F. Kennedy, Jr., which were given to me through Jack.
President Kennedy is deeply concerned about the present course of this country and in many ways, about the future of the world itself. It is his hope and goal to help you understand that we must change if we are to survive as a nation, and in fact as a planet.
While writing this book, I was able to feel the immense energy, humor and humanity of this man, who is now a spirit and with God. I consider him a spirit guide and friend, and most importantly a concerned patriot.
I have interspersed my own thoughts and feelings throughout the book as the days went by and Jack’s message to the world continued.


“Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.”

- St. Francis of Assisi -

At ten that first evening, I sat down in front of my computer. As a Catholic, albeit not a very good one, I rattled-off an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory-Be for protection, with the rapidity of a drill sergeant reciting the parts of a rifle. Then I began what Staci had told me to do. I opened my crown, third-eye, throat and heart chakras. I asked Jack to begin the process as my hands rested on the keys.
Within seconds, my hands on the keyboard sprang to life. Jack was writing an introduction, although at first I was typing mere gibberish. He was coming in fast, and my hand ached with pain from the speed. Once must remember, that spirits are at a higher energy and vibration level and it is hard for them to slow down to the speed of those in the physical plane. It is similar to a 78 RPM record being played at 33 RPM’s. For those younger than 40, please search, 78 and 33 RPM records on the Internet. And, so it began on that first night. The session didn’t last very long, but Jack outlined what he had in mind for all of us.

Man must endeavor to strive for peace before he destroys what God has created.
As of now, the United States is downcast upon the world scene. Where once, we were the beacon of hope to the world, we have become a global pariah, making enemies as quickly as we lose our friends.
The nature of man must change or we will find ourselves to be the only species that has destroyed itself in the long history of this planet.
It is my wish to aid my nation, the United States of America, and the world as well. For we are all great citizens of earth and we all are inter-linked. For what happens in one country, reflects upon another and another, like waves in a pond.
As the leader of the free world, the United States must once again be the hope for all mankind, not the scornful bully we have materialized into. Yes, America has become the harbinger of fear for many who once waited for us to embrace them with open arms.
The rights of man are in jeopardy because some believe that security can only be gained through intimidation and scorn and fear. When, in fact, security is achieved by offering the world an olive branch instead of brandishing a club or a gun or a knife.
Jack, why are you asking me to help you write this?
There is much unfinished in my heart. The world is ready for this now. It couldn’t rally fathom all of this in the 1960’s. The book should be titled, Peace for All Time. The world is on the brink of a new age, but many do not understand or care for things that can happen. There is a lack of curiosity now. I want to help.

The first session was completed and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I did feel though, that I must continue with this process.



“I am ashamed of the torture and the violence inflicted by Americans.”

Greed has contributed to our war in Iraq. Iraq is on my mind tonight and the problem will only become worse if not addressed immediately. War is usually caused by greedy, selfish old men who are fearful of failure and who are weak inside. We must never be afraid to appear to be peacemakers in this country. Since 9-11, we have been terrified of our own souls and indeed of our image in the mirror. The world looks at us as if we are animals instead of a democracy and a beacon to the world.
Men who do not have the best interests of this nation in mind caused the Iraq War. They may be classified as evil to many on this earth. They are set upon a course of destruction for not only the world, but also this nation.
Many more young men may die before this war is brought to an end by those who have seen war, and have seen the carnage it brings, as I have. There was never a chance of success or will there be a chance of success, as some would have you believe. We must leave and let the Iraqis settle their differences as only they know how; in accordance with their own hearts and their own minds and laws.
The United States should help all nations, but we must carefully choose the correct moment and time to spill our blood on the field of battle. We have wasted countless lives for an end that will become worse than many can imagine there. Those in the Congress that seek peace must intervene if this grandiose mess is to be resolved.
Too often we as a nation have come to settle differences with our emotions lately rather than our intellects. Intellect is the strongest gift that God can give us and has indeed given us to use fruitfully.
We acted upon our deepest fears and prejudices when attacking Iraq, a country run by a thug, but nevertheless, no concern really to the strategic well being of the United States.
Americans, who have lost their intellectual interest in all fields except pleasure pursuits, have not paid attention to what has happened over there. No draft means not caring for those who are in harm’s way. Not that a draft is what is necessary, as we must wind down our draconian, flagrant belligerence upon the world scene.
Iraq cannot be won. Iraq cannot be won and peace must come upon those suffering millions who counted on the United States for leadership and were given belligerence instead of tolerance as a gift from Uncle Sam. I am ashamed of the torture and the violence inflicted by Americans. Many are innocent and only wish to live their lives in harmony without the terror of a brutal leader, whatever coat of allegiance he may wear. Fear has driven us to commit crimes against God that will not be forgotten. Many are to blame. But, we must move on and understand there is not victory there. Leave now and let them settle their problems. Casualties will grow if we do not leave. I’m deeply concerned about this.
There is no diplomacy engaged in this time. People interpret that as weak, when it is truly the father of strength.
Iraq is the result of people not trusting their brains.
Iraq must stop. Many lies; I’m sorry but I’m bothered by so many lies in government now, lies.
I’m crying, it makes me cry for those dying for lies. Government failed to think this through.
Solutions, more solutions on Iraq tomorrow; the lies must stop. Americans must see through the lies.
We have the capability to spread goodness throughout the world. Many are waiting for us to begin to light the candle of freedom again, solutions tomorrow.
Jack – you are very upset, should we stop?
Iraq, so many fine young dead and wounded. No one cares that is why I am upset.
But, there is a chance for change. We must not repeat what happened in March of 2003 in Iraq when a very bad plan was implemented by men who sought only money from this war, not gain for the nation as a whole. Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
I am referring to the Department of Defense that has shattered the dreams of many men and women who served in the field. They thought that they were doing good, but only were hoodwinked by evil men who wanted to profit from the oil revenues and line their pockets. But, they cannot have money with them in eternity. They do not understand this very concept which is that money is not the fruit of all good, but the fruit, in this case of all evil.
I don’t know why men cannot see in this country, that this administration hoodwinked everyone. Why can’t you see this?
So, many more will die in Iraq; more than we can know now if something is not done this summer.

Much of this information was given to me during the first week’s sessions. Every night, Jack would discuss a myriad of different subjects. After a month, the first draft was a hodge-podge of information. Strangely, during my own editing of the book, I noticed that all of Jack’s nightly topics somehow flowed together at the end. It was as if, he had a master list and was conducting the orchestra. I was a mere violin player in Jack’s symphony.
The sessions continued with more information concerning Iraq.

We can start now, thanks, back here with you, so many more worries tonight. Bush seems to not want to win, but to prolong this campaign into hell. Bush and Cheney want this to happen. They want it to go on indefinitely. People in Congress are terrified of them and they know this.
This war will never end in Bush’s mind. He wants us to believe that Iraq can be won, but it never could. The timetable must start as we discussed so much yesterday in our lengthy talks. The timetable begins in the middle summer, then more talks, talks and a pullout. This could head off what could be the greatest war the world has ever seen in our time.
Help me tell the people that this war can stop. We are short on time and we need to hurry – write, fast, fast, faster!
Okay, Jack I’m trying.
And, the best we can hope for is some end to the slaughter which may continue into 2009 for Americans and longer for the Iraqis who are feeling stabbing pain in their lives because of Bush and company.
They only want more money for themselves and the father is not much better. All are greedy men who lined their pockets with oil revenues. In Iraq, so many are dying and the Democrats, I blame them for much now because they have indeed the power to stop all of this, yet they aren’t. They are corrupt as well and will feel the power of God upon them if they don’t act.
What do you mean power of God, Jack?
I mean, as always, the circle will come back to them in the future; because not acting, not doing, not fulfilling what God sent you here to do is not looked upon favorably in the eyes of our maker. The people elected the Democrats, as they were a hope for them. The people gave them a mandate to stop the insanity and yet they do nothing: do nothing, nothing, nothing! Ted, he can’t help either. He is hamstrung, but would like to do more because it’s just a political game for many.
They need to end it this year. I mean now. Let’s get out and then real peace. In other times in the country we could have gotten out earlier.

Yes, hi again and tonight I am consumed with anger for the poor people in Iraq. I’m not angry with them; let me correct myself, but with the monsters that are conducting our foreign policy right now. This war in Iraq is once again, as always, at the forefront of my mind.
What kind of fools do they really think Americans are that they would believe such nonsense about the ways that this war started? Saddam had almost nothing. He had a few chemicals hidden and no nukes of course. The man was terrified of the Bush family coming after him. They were after a blood vendetta against Saddam and of course there is only money behind this debacle that will claim even more men and now women too shamefully.

You are doing well my friend. We’re moving right along and there is more to be said on Iraq tonight. It seems that this war is at a standstill. Bush will not budge because that is part of the plan of the negative beings to destroy the world and the country with this war of course. It is only a small part of their plan as 9-11 was. I am not allowed to say all about this by higher beings, but 9-11 was not all that it seemed to be and those of you on your plane who research this are getting close to the truth of what really happened on that day. That is all about that for now.
We move on to the Middle East and the conduct of Americans there, which I am disgusted by. The lack of discipline in society has transcended into the ranks of the military and combined with negative energy from so many negative beings in government. They have influenced all in the Army and Marines into doing horrible things. So many innocent dead there and it is only for money, only for money, MONEY, MONEY!
When will the American people learn that these contractors and big businessmen are merchants of death and nothing more? Rise up peacefully against them and end war as an institution of man forever. I want all war ended. It is time on earth that man end war before war finishes off man forever. This was a speech, but so what old material still works.
People don’t understand this. They are so afraid of these ghosts of 9-11, these terrorists who exist, but not in the numbers they would have you think. They are terrified of us as much as we are of them. It must stop. This war on terror is only for money, only for money.
As I have said we need to be out of Iraq starting in the summer of 2007 and out by the fall completely. That means everyone: Bush and his cronies and their oil revenues, contractors of death, Marines, Army and all OUT, OUT, OUT in the autumn. Or else, I say this again; a larger war is coming to the region with more American deaths than we had in Vietnam, from many causes. It’s hard to dream of so many losses now, but it will happen if we do not leave.
There is nothing to change Bush’s mind on Iraq. The death and carnage will only get worse if nothing is done by the summer as I have stated.

At the conclusion of this chapter, Jack introduced what would be a common theme in this book; the mental slumber of the American populace. He is also distressed that Americans are making decisions based on their irrational fears, derived from 9-11. His references to nebulous activities surrounding 9-11 continued during the sessions.

Jack had a message on Memorial Day, 2007, for those serving in Iraq.
On this Memorial Day, pray for all the brave men and women in Iraq. God Bless.

On June 22, 2007, Jack spoke of Iraq again.
Bush plans to never let the soldiers in Iraq come home. CONGRESS HAS FAILED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Only through civil disobedience will this war end. The people must let the Congress know this war cannot continue. The present course is a disaster.

Jack had more to say on Iraq in July of 2007.
Iraq is on the verge of collapsing and imploding and more war and death there in the next month. It will unfortunately get much worse. We must leave.
The plan in the administration now is to not leave Iraq for over a century. They think they can get away with this.

One morning, after two weeks’ worth of sessions, I awoke to see Jack standing at the foot of my bed. He was smiling and he wore a blue suit with a white shirt and dark tie. Strangely, I noticed that my vision had miraculously gone to 20-20. (I wear glasses and contacts and had neither of them on at the moment.) I noticed I could read the writing on my degree behind him. I looked at him and said, “Hi.” He just continued to smile and faded away after about fifteen seconds. Then, my vision returned to 20-200 until I found my glasses.

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“What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children – not merely peace for Americans, but peace for all men and women – not merely peace in our time, but peace for all time.”

President John F. Kennedy